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Company Profile

Orient Nexon Inc. was established for no-invasive plastic surgery in 2006, professional in developing all kinds of PDO Cog threads for lifting surgery.
Company developed and now owns patents of 360˚ Super Screw Cog and Gold Screw Cog.
Super Screw Cog is bidirectional 360°screwed cogs on PDO thread which has remarkable lifting effect. And Gold Screw Cog is gold coated on Super Screw Cog which is absorbable and has trinity effect (whitening, tightening, and lifting).

Orient Nexon Inc. is the first and the only company which has developed gold coated 360°bidirectional cog PDO thread in the world.

Orient Nexon masters the most advanced Korean medical cosmetic& plastic surgery knowledge and tanning skills, owns more than 70 cosmetic surgery
hospitals and agents from more than 20 oversea countries include Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Spain and so on. Orient Nexon is a global
business company that provides agents from all over the world with 360˚Super Screw Cog and Gold Screw Cog PDO threads.

Legal Representative Hong Meeweon / 207, Asia plaza, 107-7, Bansong-Dong, Hwaseong-Si, Gyunggi-Do, Korea
TEL 82-70-8115-8632 / FAX 82-31-8003-8635